BOOK 1: Working Toward World Peace

Words of the Temple: Working Toward World Peace, is the first book of the trilogy A New Humanity. This series marries Earth wisdom with star knowledge. It introduces an upgraded Creation Story of humanity that reflects the knowledge held by our Indigenous; that we are from the stars, specifically, from the Pleiadian star system.

This guided writing is a compendium of disciplines that describe the seismic shift that our societies and our world are undergoing. It was written during the pandemic of 2020-2021. As the Aquarian Age advances it is imperative that we understand, integrate and embody the knowing that we are all brothers and sisters traveling as One into a New Earth, and a New Humanity! This is the beginning of a 26,000-year cycle, known as a Platonic Year. It is the dawning of a golden age.

“Deborah’s clairaudient work inscribing messages from the celestial beings she calls “The Team” puts her among the pantheon of individuals who’ve answered the call to be a loving usher during this time, as we emerge into the expanded awareness of our Eternal Nature and Oneness with the I AM Presence and All That Is.”

-Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder & Spiritual Director,
Agape International Spiritual Center
Author, Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation 

Humans have a significant role to play in the bigger picture of our galaxy and universe than many of our myths and cultural stories tell us. Book 2 of Words of the Temple takes the haze off of humanity and reveals that we are not just magnificent, but are powerful co-creators in our universe.

Our future is not up to our leaders or governments. It is up to each one of us to practice loving-kindness and compassion in every thought, word and action. This is how we bring about world peace in our own time. It is also how we improve our health and extend our lives. How fast we raise our individual and collective consciousness towards unity and love determines when we reach our desired destination of Peace on Earth.

We are divine intelligence expressing as our unique selves on Earth. All we have to do to achieve peace in our lives is to acknowledge and embrace this universal intelligence in ourselves and each other. Kryon tells us this divinity is located in our DNA!

BOOK 2: Walking Into the Pyre

Words of the Temple: Walking into the Pyre, Book 2 of A New Humanity, continues to document the pandemic of 2020-2021 in America as it unfolded. Seen through a spiritual lens, this upgraded Creation Story of humanity puts into perspective the events following the 2020 U.S. election; a time where we have been challenged to remember we are One.

The guided writing continues a focus on astrological aspects that highlight the effect of the luminaries in the sky on our personal and collective lives. Book 2 goes into greater depth about the precession of the equinoxes, a 26,000-year astronomical cycle that is just beginning. The contrast between political and social perspectives seemingly dividing America, begin to make sense when we see one era has ended, and a new one has just begun.

As we move into the physical galactic light of Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiadian star system, we enter into unity consciousness as a collective. The polarity of the past from which we are emerging is destined to fade into the nothingness from which it came. 

“Deborah allows herself to be a scribe for the multidimensional revelations that uncover spiritual truths which apply to these times we are living through, irrespective of who is running the country.”

-Christian Sørensen

Spiritual Leader, Seaside Center for Spiritual Living
Author, Living from the Mountaintop: Be the Mystic You Were Born to Be

The Old Guard is attempting to subvert the awakening of humanity that is also a part of the evolution of Earth Mother. We are a planet now in ascension. Despite the appearance of struggle and division in our nation, we are gradually remembering our Oneness. As we do this, we move into the unity consciousness ushered in by this new astronomical cycle that Earth has been through since its creation.

Next stop: Peace on Earth!

BOOK 3: Unmasking the Corona

The third book of this trilogy weaves the events of the Covid-19 pandemic with physics and metaphysics to explain the cosmic shift now taking place.

Written in real time, Book 3 covers the period following President Biden’s inauguration to July, 2021. Once in office, Biden announced that we would be able to safely join with family and friends by July 4th, 2021. The roll out of vaccines enabled America to emerge from an extended lockdown that rearranged life as we knew it.

This book continues to expound upon the precession of the equinoxes, a 26,000-year astronomical event. A new epoch is upon us. What we are experiencing is no less than the clash of a 26,000-year cycle ending and a new one beginning; essentially, the old versus the new.

The Piscean age dominated by Christianity is giving way to the Age of Aquarius. It builds upon the teaching of Jesus of kindness, compassion and love. In this new age, the focus is on providing shelter, food, clean water and air, and education for ALL of Earth’s inhabitants.

“Deborah shares her remarkable insights acquired through a devoted practice of meditation and prayer, inviting readers to uncover profound truths and embark on a personal journey of awakening.”

-Christina Tillotson

Staff Minister, Seaside Center for Spiritual Living
Author, Connecting Souls: Transcending Loss and Finding Purpose in the Digital Age

An Important Shift is Underway!

This shift takes our Earth into the galactic light where we remember that we are One with each other, the planet, the stars and the universes. This social transformation values every individual as the magnificent being that is the truth of who and what we and our fellow travelers are.

About The Author

Deborah Sadler

In addition to being a licensed Religious Science Practitioner, teacher, astrologer, metaphysician and student of Kryon, Deborah is a cutting-edge leader in restorative justice. She knows raising consciousness is the key to world peace and delights that young people are leading the way.


Through astronomy, astrology, esoteric information from the other side of the veil, along with current news articles, Deborah Sadler documents the changes taking place in our time. Her experience in Native American studies, the New Thought movement as well as her profession as an educator combines to weave a spiritual and fact-based explanation of why humanity and our world are now in such dramatic gyration.

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